Продвижение криптоактивов азиатских банков призывает к гармонизации правил на всех рынках - S&P Global


Asian banks’ recent foray into digital assets backed by blockchain may require a concerted regulatory approach to protect lenders and their customers from the opacity and volatility of crypto products, experts say.

Сингапурская компания DBS Group Holdings Ltd. недавно создала цифровую биржу и запустила первичное размещение токенизированных цифровых ценных бумаг. Южнокорейский банк Woori, банк Shinhan, банк NongHyup и KB Kookmin Bank также, как сообщается, создает услуги по хранению криптоактивов.

Согласованные правила в регионе позволят клиентам на разных рынках иметь доступ к одному и тому же классу активов и схожим торговым механизмам, что повысит ликвидность, сказал Эндрю Гилдер, лидер банковского дела и рынков капитала в Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе Ernst & Young. «Если у вас больше ликвидности, у вас больше доверия, цена, прозрачность, меньше волатильности. Это делает рынок немного более стабильным », - сказал Гилдер.

Crypto-assets are issued and transferred using blockchain or distributed ledger technology, their best-known manifestation being cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. But they can also take the form of a token that represents underlying assets that are not crypto in nature.

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Many regulators, and also banks, have been cautious about endorsing crypto-assets as the market often equates them with cryptocurrency and its volatile, opaque nature. Fears surrounding cryptocurrencies include extreme price swings, higher default risk and even money laundering. For example, HSBC Holdings PLC said it has no plans to offer cryptocurrencies as an asset class to its customers. On the other hand, rising demand from clients and the broad application of blockchain technology in financial services have led several global banks such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to announce products based on cryptocurrencies.

Хотя географическое разнообразие в Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе делает режимы регулирования фрагментированными, регион может воспользоваться подсказками Европейского Союза, который стремится address the volatility of cryptocurrencies by bringing markets together to create larger pools of liquidity. In September XNUMX, the EU announced plans for rules to allow faster and cheaper cross-border payments through blockchain and crypto-assets by XNUMX. Потенциальные системные риски из-за воздействия криптоактивов побудили Базельский комитет по банковскому надзору 10 июня предложит новый капитал условиями, чтобы у кредиторов был достаточный буфер против убытков.

“Banks don’t necessarily want to hold crypto on their balance sheet … they just want to make crypto offerings available to their clients, but [the Basel Committee’s rules proposal] still underscores this narrative that crypto is a very risky product, it needs to be treated with caution,” Gilder said.

The price of bitcoin slid XNUMX% over the last the months, but was up nearly XNUMX% from a year ago as of July XNUMX, according to the S&P Bitcoin Index. The S&P Cryptocurrency MegaCap Index, which covers the two most popular cryptocurrencies — bitcoin and ethereum network’s ether, has also demonstrated volatility that is beyond what most banks may be comfortable with.

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Тем не менее, ранний переход к криптоактиву space could benefit banks as they could develop internal know-how in blockchain-based processes ahead of their competitors and be seen as a leader in this emerging field, said Hagen Rooke, a financial regulatory and fintech counsel at Reed Smith, an international law firm. “It puts [a bank] in good stead for other types of tokenized offering in the future.”

По словам Рука, одобрение регулирующими органами криптопродуктов также может привлечь виртуальные активы в институциональную структуру.

Singapore Exchange Ltd. заняла 10% акций цифровой биржи DBS Group. Банк оцененный токен ценных бумаг цифровых облигаций на сумму 15 миллионов сингапурских долларов, предложенный 31 мая на бирже цифровых активов и имеющий сообщает 80 миллионов сингапурских долларов в цифровом формате активы, находящиеся на хранении, с объемом торгов от 30 до 40 миллионов сингапурских долларов в день.

Standard Chartered PLC недавно заявила, что партнерство with a blockchain-based asset company to establish a virtual asset brokerage and exchange platform. The lender’s digital asset plans are subject to being able to create a safe and compliant infrastructure to support the “inevitable and increasing adoption” of digital assets from institutional investors, said Alex Manson, who heads the lender’s Singapore-based innovation and fintech investments unit SC Ventures.

“It is clear to us that ignoring this space is not the way forward for us,” Manson said. “It’s all about clients’ needs. We want to capitalize on accelerating institutional adoption for the asset class … where we think the bulk of initial demand will emanate from.”

For these banks, profitability may not be the main objective for setting up their crypto-asset frameworks just yet, said Mriganka Pattnaik, CEO and co-founder of Singapore-based Merkle Science, a blockchain monitoring and investigative platform. “For banks, setting up digital asset infrastructure is really the first step to creating innovative ways to deliver new products,” Pattnaik сказал.

Although DBS and StanChart have limited their crypto-asset services to institutional and accredited investors, it is “safe to say” that every bank is evaluating how to provide their clients a degree of crypto-asset exposure that is in line with lenders’ risk tolerance, Pattnaik сказал.

По состоянию на 20 июля 1 доллар США был эквивалентен 1.37 сингапурского доллара.

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